Prepare Oolong Tea Like A Tea Expert – Some Recipes for You

Prepare Oolong Tea Like A Tea Expert – Some Recipes for You

Oolong tea is one of the types of teas that are quite famous in Asia. As its taste became popular, it has become the most preferred type of tea in the Western countries as well.

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How can you Prepare Oolong Tea? 

You can find more than one way of making Oolong tea. Here are some of the recipes for you.

  • Choosing the Right Tea Vessel 

This is the first and the most important step when it comes to the preparation of Oolong tea. You can find two different ways of brewing Oolong tea and they are the Western Method and Chinese technique, which is also known as the Asian Tea Brewing Technique.

The people who love the history and the culture of tea will surely enjoy the Chinese method of brewing the Oolong tea, whereas the Western method of tea brewing is ideal for the people who are beginners to the world of tea.

  • Types of Pots 

Here are some of the teapots that are used for the brewing of Oolong tea.

Yixing Pot 

This is the teapot that is prepared with clay as the basic material. The source of the clay dates back to the Jiangsu province in China. This type of teapot is ideal for brewing many kinds of Oolong teas such as pu-erh tea, black tea, and white tea.

Gaiwan Pots 

These are the types of pots that are designed without any handles. They are lidded pots and are best suited for the brewing of the traditional oolong teas. The development of this teapot dates back to the Ming dynasty and they are made of glass or porcelain material.

Tea Brewing 

Here are the two different ways of brewing the Oolong tea.

  • Gong Fu Brewing Method 

Oolong tea is brewed using a gaiwan or a yixing teapot. They are small vessels and can brew only a certain amount of tea at a time. You have to repeat the process if you wish to make multiple cups of tea. The tea leaves are brewed inside the pot for a certain time duration to enjoy tasty tea.

  • Western Brewing Style 

This is the commonly used process of brewing oolong tea in today’s world. You can prepare the tea by using any teapot that you have in hand. This is the best way of enjoying drinking tea when in a hurry. The taste will not be as good as that of the traditional teapots, but you will enjoy tasting the taste of oolong tea to the fullest.

The tea leaves are brewed in the boiling water for a certain time duration so that the tea flavor is transferred to the water as much as possible. You can then pour the tea decoction into the teacups and enjoy tasting oolong tea.

Follow any procedure to enjoy drinking oolong tea.

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