Important Things To Know About Google Ad Extensions

Important Things To Know About Google Ad Extensions

Most advertisers spend hours together creating Google Ads. Nevertheless, when it comes to Ad extensions, they hardly spend any time. People who want to run successful Ad campaigns should pay attention to Google AdWords Extensions as well.

What to do if you don’t have any knowledge about the Ad extensions?

There are thousands of agencies available on the internet and they can help you with ad extension services. With so many options available, it can be confusing to hire a suitable one for your campaign. You may end up choosing the wrong or fake agency is a major concern. To avoid doing this, you have to read the reviews of different agencies around your location which offer AdWords management services. One of the best examples of a good agency in Australia is Australian Internet Advertising.

AIA is a popular and established AdWords Management Melbourne service. The best part is that more than 90% of their clients are satisfied with their services. Try their services and you will not get disappointed. Apart from their AdWords extension services, they are also famous for various other services like Facebook advertising, website designing, etc.

Why are Ad extensions important?

Ad extensions are nothing but an additional piece of information about our business and they generally look like a link or phone number to a page on our site online. Ad extensions show additional pieces of information about your business to the internet users or target audience. Ad extensions are too crucial to improve your SEM (Search engine marketing) campaign.

These Ad extensions can improve your site performance in several ways and they include improved visibility, higher CTR (Click-through rate), lower CPC (Cost per click), etc. One essential thing which you have to make sure of is you should use the extensions that are relevant to your business goals. When the visibility is improved, this will automatically result in an improvement in the number of clicks. When the clicks are more, the chances for sales will also be more. All the ad extensions which you see are manually set up.

Some of them can be automated extensions as well. AdWords sometimes add the extensions automatically, whenever they feel that they can improve the site’s performance. One more important thing which you should understand is that AdWords will not display all your Ad Extensions. It only displays the extensions when it feels that they can improve your Ad campaign.

What are the different types of Ad extensions?

The different types of Ad extensions based on various business goals are mentioned below.

Goal-1: If your primary goal is, your viewers should contact you for your services or products, and then follow these tips.

Message Extensions

You can choose message extensions to help your audience contact you easily. You can encourage people to send messages using the message extensions.

Call Extensions

Even call extensions have become very popular these days. With call extensions, you can inspire people to contact you through call. You have to simply add a call button or phone number in this case to your ads.

Goal-2: If the primary goal here is to make your target audience download your app then check the following.

App Extensions

Using app extensions, you can encourage your target audience to download your app.

Goal-3: If your goal here is to redirect all your ad viewers to your website, then follow these tips.

Site link extensions

Using the site links extensions, you can redirect your audience to specific pages on your site.

Price extensions

Price extensions can help your audience browse your products from ads directly.

Goal-4: Businessmen who want to redirect their audience to your store must follow these tips.

Location Extensions

With location extensions, you can encourage your audience to visit your store. You do this by simply sharing the location with your audience.

Affiliate Location Extensions

If you want to direct your audience towards your chain stores, then you must try the affiliate location extensions.

Try the different AdWords extensions to boost your business is a great way within no time, that too without putting any effort!