CBD can Help Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Psychogenic Tremors due to Anxiousness

CBD can Help Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Psychogenic Tremors due to Anxiousness

40 million adults in America experience anxiety and tremors at some point. Most people take medication for it while some just try to control it by avoiding a situation that can make them anxious. Tremors due to anxiety are not considered dangerous, but they sure are uncomfortable. Sometimes, when the anxiety is too much, we lose control over our body, which can lead to other symptoms like panic attack.

Anxiety is a sense of uneasiness, tension, and fear. The anxiety disorder can result in sweating, fast pulse rate, and uneven breathing. In extreme cases, people may find them shivering. A single dose of CBD can reduce anxiety and tremors due to anxiety. CBD does have anxiety-reducing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and neuroprotective properties.

CBD can be taken in any form as long as people are comfortable with the dosage. There are capsules, edibles, tinctures, etc. which can be taken as per preferences. Recently, vaping has also been a lot talked about. No matter what, CBD is a natural compound of the Cannabis sativa plant that does not contain any intoxicating or addictive properties.

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CBD has been studied for epilepsy, where it is said to treat certain types of disorders like inflammatory diseases, psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. Similarly, CBD has a positive impact on both mild and extreme cases of anxiety.

Cause of Shaking in Anxiety

When your body is under stress it either goes fight or flight mode. Stress hormones increase in your body and which increases the heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. Your body has to prepare itself to deal with this stress. Your muscles start acting to help your body to fight against stress. This leads to trembling or shaking. The tremors due to anxiety are called psychogenic tremors.

Cannabidiol binds with the CB1 receptor present in our body, which in return regulates the brain and body to keep them calm.  CBD interacts with serotonin to maintain its level in the brain. The abnormally low level of serotonin in the brain can lead to anxiety.

Other Treatments for Anxiety

  • Getting a good amount of sleep can keep your mind relaxed and your body in good shape. Avoid addiction of caffeine, nicotine, tobacco, etc. they can also lead to tremors due to anxiety.
  • Make some changes to your lifestyle that is healthy. For example, include morning exercise or walk, yoga, and meditation that improve focus and concentration level.
  • Extreme cases of anxiety should be treated with medication. It is not a disease, but a psychological disorder that can be controlled with prescribed medicine, thus seek the help of a doctor so that they can prescribe medication.

There are many ways of treating anxiety. The best way is by feeling happy and avoiding stress. If your surrounding is not favorable, then try making changes or adapt to it.