Recruiting efficient market research panels for your online qualitative projects

Recruiting efficient market research panels for your online qualitative projects

Qualitative research is the process of collecting and evaluating non-numerical information (such as texts, audio, or videos) from respondents. It is employed to understand opinions, experiences, or concepts. It is usually used to get deep insights into a problem or can be used to create new research ideas.

It can be very challenging to recruit participants for qualitative market research. It could be a challenging task that many companies might decide to use the services of survey providers. To make this a successful process, brands will need to consider several factors to successfully help them recruit the right members of the market research panel.

1). Pre-screen online: Online pre-screening of survey participants can be used to save a lot of effort and time. People with emailing lists of thousands or hundreds of contacts can find it easy to send messages to all contacts. This is a faster process than needing to dial them separately. A pre-screen online survey helps you seek out qualified participants easily. This method ensures that you recruit more efficiently and faster.

2). Build your panel: It is important to have your opt-in list. Whether you are a company looking to have their research participants or you are a survey recruiting company, you will find building your panel very important. The built panel involves a database that is composed of users who have signed on to participate in the surveys. To create a more diversified market research panel, think about putting your promotions and sign-ups for the panel in many locations. This could be social media, outings, events, websites, emails, flyers, and so on. This has been known to pay a lot of dividends.

3). Social media: Social media is a useful tool to get a wide range of participants that can become a part of your qualitative research. This can be done best with social media paid advertisements. It can be done on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.

Like Facebook, potential market research panel respondents could be targeted with consumer behaviours and interest buckets with the use of paid advertisements from Facebook. This ad also can be targeted to include various geographical regions; certain ZIP codes, market areas, and proximity from landmarks. Facebook can be used as an inexhaustive tool for our market research panel.

4). Keep up with phone calls:It is never enough to pre-screen, qualify, and sign up potential participants online. For you to successfully get participants for your market research panels you will need to keep up with them by placing follow up calls with the participants.

The first benefit of this method is that it allows the recruitment team to successfully rescreen participants. This means that participants are confirmed through verbal exchanges. Furthermore, new reliable and engaging respondents can be obtained this way.

The second benefit is that this method allows the recruiter to establish a verbal connection with various participants to help them understand the authenticity of the research.

This verbal connection is highly rewarding and highly increases the possibility for the participants to show up at the time and date specified. Most survey recruiters build a sustainable relationship and make participants feel like they are disappointing the person when they fail to show up for the survey.

5). Keep on with confirmations and reminders: In the final process, you will need to do a lot of work to help confirm participants. This could mean having to send calendar invitations, confirmation emails, reminder texts, and follow-up calls. All of these mediums will be needed for you to increase the perception surrounding your focus groups, research panels, interviews, and various other types of online qualitative market surveys.

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