Doing These Things May Spoil Your Chances of Selling a House 

Doing These Things May Spoil Your Chances of Selling a House 

Selling your old house at the best price is a very difficult task. Most often, people would simply refuse to pay you the amount that you consider is a modest valuation of your house. Since the pattern of thinking of humans is very diverse, different people may quote different prices for your house, and none of them may suffice you.

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Common Mistakes While Selling the House

More often than not, people commit several mistakes while selling their houses. Below is a list of don’ts while selling your house:

1- Never spend on big improvement – this is a rule of thumb while selling your house. The homeowners must never spend a lot on the big improvement. If you know that an item is taking its last breath, you must rush into getting the bids from the contractors before you list your home for sale.

2- Never disregard the curb appeal – aesthetics always appeal to buyers. You must never underestimate the benefits of subtle changes like trimming the bushes, cutting the branches of trees, removing weeds and unwanted plants, etc. these minutiae affect the cost of the home in unexplained ways.

3- Never ask for more than what your house is worth – you must remember this tenet, “buyers never overpay”. Asking for more than the deserved amount is a deal breaker. The sellers often act like they are selling something online by asking for too much and then leaving room for negotiation. You should put yourself in the shoes of the buyers.

4- Avoid leaving clutter in the closet – you must be ready for the meticulous buyers who will open refrigerators and your closets. They may lay on your bed and test the cabinets. It’s advisable to remove all the valuables, medications, souvenirs, etc so that you avoid any unwanted transgression on them.

5- The odor – unpleasantness in the air would be quick to send your potential buyers out of the house. The bad odor, especially of smoking, stays for long. Before your potential buyers enter the precincts of your home, you must get rid of the odor. You may get an ozone treatment, clean the ducts, etc.

6- Details matter – the meticulous buyers pay great importance to the details. You must ensure that the fixtures of the lights are working, the doors are noise-free, windows are clean, etc. This will reflect that you have stayed in the house with great care and the house might be in good shape.


Selling a new house is a difficult job. Taking care of subtle things will benefit you greatly.