How to choose the Right Neon Light

How to choose the Right Neon Light

There are many factors that you need to consider before choosing the right neon signs for your business or home. Smithers of Stamford is the best neon signs company. Here are eight important factors you need to take into account:


#1 Price

The budget is very important. Before starting the process of picking the right lights, think of looking at your budget first. The neon light signs that you choose will have a greater impact on the other important utilities you will pay for each month. Consider your options cost-effectively for the long run. Custom neon signs are also a budget-friendly option.


#2 Power Supply

Neon lights & LED lights are usually plugged into power sockets. But few manufacturers offer battery-powered neon signs options. Different LED lights have different voltage requirements, hence ensuring appropriate devices for your chosen lighting.


#3 Color

While choosing a neon or LED light, make sure that it matches your company logo and theme. LED manufacturers also offer various light colors options so that you can choose the light that best matches your business needs. Also, keep in mind the theme of the area where LED lighting has to be installed.


#4 Surface

LED neon lights can be in the form of round or flat surfaces. We would suggest opting for round surfaces for LED neon signs. 

But, if you want to add ambient lighting to areas, then flat LED lights would be best. LED tapes are perfect for lighting architectural structures.


#5 Materials

Manufacturers use different materials to manufacture LED lights. Go for lights that are durable and made from resistant materials that will not fade or break. Some LED lights are kid-safe and are not made from glass materials, and do not overheat. Also, there are lights made up of flex materials and can be easily bent. These lights are durable and lightweight.


#6 Shape

The kind of LED light you buy will also depend on your lighting project’s shape, as all LED lights are usually not flexible enough to accommodate any desirable shape. So before buying an LED light, decide on what shapes you are going to go for. For extreme flexibility, LED flex neon lights are the best bet for you.


#7 Brightness

Did you know that Neon lights produce different intensities of brightness? As mentioned before, conventional neon lights give out a warmer and more attractive glow, whereas LED lights produce brighter colors visible from greater distances. LED strip lights emit brighter light compared to other LED lights. It would help if you decided whether you want a solid or an effervescent glow.


#8 Function

Nowadays, most neon lights are made using advanced technologies that you can control. Whereas some come with demo modes, brightness adjustment, dynamic modes, and speed adjustment function controllable by using a remote. Remember, The more functions you want your LED light to have, the more expensive it will be. So going back to the first point, pricing is the foremost important factor to consider.